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Sunset Sessions Live Stream 6/7

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New rare LIVE track available exclusively on myspace.com

A new LIVE version of the song CAETANO from the band’s latest CD Nothing is cohesive has just been released exclusively through myspace.com. The electrifying performance of the song finds the band in top form. It was taken from their performance last year in New York at the CMJ Music Marathon. Listen to the song here (now offiline; listen here)

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Ed Hale and the Transcendence release Sept. 11th tribute song titled “Rebuild America”

Ed Hale and the Transcendence spent the last three days in the studio recording a song in honor of the one year anniversary of last years September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City. The song is entitled Rebuild America and was written by Ed last year on September 11th.

:: Rebuild America Download the MP3

:: Rebuild America Stream the Real Audio File

I saw the planes crash into us
I saw the people cry
I saw the buildings come crumbling
I saw the rescuers sigh
I saw the president weep
On national TV
I saw the volunteers sweeping
To clean the new York city streets
As we try
Yes we try
To rebuild America
The land of our fathers
The land of our mothers
We are not alone

“This is a very personal song for me. I never played it for the guys and had no intention of putting it on an album or anything. I just wrote to get it out. I would play it a lot around the house during those first few days after the attacks as a way to deal with my emotions. Last week I thought about the song when I realized the anniversary was coming up and I played the song for the guys and said maybe it’s not us, you know, but hey do you guys want to record it? Everyone jumped in and really gave their all, sang and played more passionately and openly than I think we ever have before. I wish it never happened. I hope we really can rebuild.” Ed

Recorded at Dungeon Recording Studios, September 8th to 10th
Engineered by Fred Freeman and Joe Williams
Produced by Ed Hale and Fred Freeman
Mixed and Mastered by Fred Freeman

Jon Rose: keyboards, string arrangements, and samples
Ricardo Mazzi: drums
Fernando Perdomo: guitars
Roger Houdaille: bass guitar
Ed Hale: vocals and guitar