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Latest News:
December 2007

While TRANSCENDENCE awaits the release of their new albums, a host of new video footage was recently posted to YouTube and various blogs. The band’s graphics and web designer Eduardo Silva was sitting on a 300 gigabyte external hard-drive filled with undiscovered treasures including never before released photos, songs, and videos.


Vicodin - TranscendenceA few new music videos have been posted to the band’s YouTube channel. Including one for the song Vicodin from the 2nd Transcendence CD Sleep With You. Check it out here.






Transcendence Live - Little TreeTwo new video clips of Transcendence live-in-concert were found from a 2003 performance to a packed house in a small club in Miami. Low quality footage but electrifying performances, they have the band antsy and inspired to get back on stage again! The songs are Junkie and Little Tree. Watch them here.


Transcdendence - CD Release PartyWe also managed to find a video of the band’s 2002 CD Release Party for their debut album Rise and Shine for those not lucky enough to attend that stellar event. It features snippets of the songs Better luck next time, Minnie Driver, Tres cool, and Keep moving on. Watch it here.




Broken SpectaclesFor a real treat, we’ve unearthed some rare concert footage of a very young Ed Hale on stage performing with his first band Broken Spectacles in 1993! (With Matthew Sabatella.) Three songs in all – Julian, Your face aint that pretty, and Inauguration day. Watch them here.



Ed HaleThe collection also includes a news broadcast about the Specs from 1989 when they were still little teenagers! It includes several notables from the glory days of the Miami music scene when there still was one. Watch the videos here.




While Transcendence has been taking it easy, Bassist Roger Houdaille has released his first solo album, Ginger Baby, with the band Father Bloopy (named after a character from a British comedy). The album features several tasty nuggets in the view of Bowie, Roxy Music, and the Kinks. Check it out here.

Singer Ed Hale spent the summer writing a non-fiction pop-sociology book (more details to come), and guitarist Fernando Perdomo recorded an album with soul singer Hilary McRae whose debut album is about to be released on the Starbucks Music label in January. Drummer Ricardo Mazzi still performs regularly with Tereso and is expecting his second child.

For those holdouts who still don't own all the CDs, new songs from various previous albums have been posted to Ed Hale’s MySpace page. Listen here.

And for those looking to hear a sneak-peak of the band’s new CD, a few of those songs from All Your Heroes Become Villains have been posted to the Transcendence MySpace page. Listen here. Or to hear rough mixes from their new CD The Great Mistake head to PureVolume here.

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