The new album
Sleep with You
(TMG Records)
Street Date 12-03-03


Last performance
of the year!

Wallflower Gallery, Downtown Miami
Sat. Dec. 20th, 2003
11:00 PM

Ease your pain!
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The new Transcendence CD, Sleep with You is now being played on the radio all over the country. Over 550 stations both college and Modern Rock are playing tracks from coast to coast!

Current favorites are the songs:

Minnie Driver (streaming real audio)
Superhero Girl (streaming real audio)
Veronica (streaming real audio)
I'm not the only one (streaming real audio)

Sleep with You has been added to over 135 play lists and counting!

It was just announced that Sleep with You has just cracked the top 30! The radio reports are in, and it's great news. For the week ending December 12th, 2003, Sleep with You has reached #23 on the FMQB Top 25 Albums (sub-modern rock) chart ; on the UNCLE Charts the new CD has reached the #29 position; and on the A&R Worldwide Top 25 Albums (Alternative Specialty show) chart the new CD clocks in at the #25 position this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the CD continues to climb! Congratulations to everyone involved in making Sleep with You! What a way to end the year!

Thanks to fans in the cities of Providence, Rhode Island — you kick butt! (#14), Waukesha, Wisconsin — rock on !!! (#20), Davidson, North Carolina — thank you!!! (#23), Kennewick, Washington — that's what we’re talking about!!! (#26), Cedar Falls, Iowa — we love ya! (#26), Tacoma, Washington — you know it!!! (#28), Bethany, West Virginia — making it happen (#29)!

We want to thank everyone who is tuning in and turning on to the guys’ music by calling their local stations, old fans and new fans alike. The more their songs are played, the more new people get to hear them. Click here for a list of all the stations and their respective cities.

Check the listings and see if your city is on here. And call call call. When you do hear Transcendence on the radio, will you do us all a favor here at TMG Records and jump up and down and scream? And then email us and tell us what station.

It's Official
Sleep with You was released on Tuesday December 2nd, 2003!

Sleep with You officially hit all those big fancy retail stores including Tower, Specs, Virgin, and all those ever essential MOM AND POPS in your local neighborhood on December 2nd, 2003, just in time for Christmas. Also available at book stores that carry music such as Borders and Barnes and Nobles.

It is also available at select online retailers such as,, and the band’s website, [currently is on a two week backorder on this title we’ve noticed—it may be best to order from if you don't want to wait or try your local record store.]

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